Zinsk Dice Game For Yoga


The coolest yoga dice for practicing 48 different poses. For More, Click on Image



Dice Game For Yoga Health Benefits inside an Engraved Wooden Gift Box

When you’re at home and can’t make it to yoga class, which has been a couple years due to covid, it’s hard to get focused and repetitive with your yoga lessons and practicing. Here’s a Dice Game For Yoga Poses the whole family can play

With these dice, it’s refreshingly motivating and fun.  Keeps exercise sessions varied and interesting. Just roll the dice, start out with 4 if you’re a beginner otherwise, roll all eight. take your time but set at least a one hour timer for practicing without feeling pressured.

There are 48 Yoga Poses

Dice Game For Yoga Practicing at Home

48 Poses for all the yogis who roll the dice. This 8 dice set is a practical, portable fitness gift for all ages. The dice allow you to design thousands of unique yoga routines while getting in shape and having fun as well as being challenged.

No instructors, videos, or planning needed. Get a full-body stretch everytime. Each die focuses on a different are of the body, providing balance and flow to every practice.


Easy to read, each pose is illustrated

There Are Many Health Benefits of Yoga

Improves flexibility, builds strength, increases muscle tone, improves balance supports joint health, prevents and helps back pain, reduces stress, helps mental calmness, the list goes on…

Illistrated in dark high contrast black ink. Includes an egraved, durable and chique wooden storage box so you can take it anywhere. A low stress tool for getting into a flow and centering yourself for the day ahead.

Have a Pajama Party and Roll the Yoga Dice

Have an overnight stay with friends and introduce them to yoga, a healthier way to live daily that offers better mental health and reduces stress levels, even for kids.


Whether you realize it or not, kids these days carry a lot on their shoulders and what a better way to help them manage anxiety and stress in their daily lives, than yoga.


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