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How to reverse heart disease naturally with homeopathic foods


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What are Natural Homeopathic medicines?

(Always discuss any changes with your doctor first)

Homeopathic foods can be found in fresh fruits, vegetables and foods high in protein


The doses of Natural Homeopathic medicines are prepared in a standardized, well-controlled, safe and hygienic environment. Homeopathic medicines are palatable and easy to administer. Homeopathy cures and the medicines are easily available. The doctors are called Naturopathic Physicians, they usually attend an accredited four-year graduate level school. There, they study basic sciences similar to those studied in conventional medical school.

Here’s how to reverse heart disease Naturally with Homeopathic Foods.

Natural Homeopathic medicines are products that come from plants such as red onion, arnica (mountain herb), poison ivy, belladonna (deadly nightshade), and stinging nettle, minerals or animals (such as crushed whole bees). For Homeopathic remedies reversing heart disease naturally, say; for Atrial Fibrillation or stroke is something to be said for the health industry.

The leaves are used to cure tension and help maintain proper circulation of blood (preventing blood clots). Hawthorn plant, the leaf and flower of the hawthorn can be used to cure cardiac ailments like atrial fibrillation. Chinese Angelica, yoga, vegetables, change your lifestyle. Realize the benefits of nature.

You’ll want to do some research and always talk to your doctor before making any changes. Here is a link for another perspective on homeopathic medicine From the NIH and another piece of information from Wikipedia

What are the best natural Homeopathic medicines for A-Fib? (Besides exercise…)

Avoid foods that increase inflammation, anti-inflammatory supplements, exercise, lowering stress, and other steps. Treating A-Fib the natural way is easy if you take the right steps. Learn about remedies for A-Fib like anti-inflammatory diets and more. India is the known as” The land of Homeopathy” and has more than 217,000 homeopathic doctors according to the Homeopaths without Borders Association.

What countries use homeopathy?

USA, UK, Australia, Israel, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, South Korea, Japan and Singapore. It is completely legal for medical doctors to practice homeopathy anywhere in the U.S. At present, only 3 states which are Connecticut, Arizona and Nevada have homeopathic medical boards which license medical doctors that specialize in Homeopathy.

Food you should avoid

Foods you should eat to prevent A-Fib are, red meat only in moderation, eat more protein foods such as fish and vegetarian sources of protein like beans and nuts. Raw green vegetables maintain nourishment and stable blood pressure. Also, use onions and garlic daily in cooking, extracts from these vegetables have been tested as bringing positive results against A-Fib. Eat papaya at breakfast time, it’s another natural cure for heart diseases.

7 Foods to Avoid when you have Atrial fibrillation

  • Processed food
    Red Meats are Harmful
    Red Meats are Harmful
  • Baked goods
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Asparagus and leafy green vegetables
  • sugary foods
  • Gluten
  • Red meats (In moderation)


Does Magnesium help A-Fib?

Studies suggest magnesium supplements may also lower blood pressure slightly. Other research has shown that getting magnesium through an IV may also help control A-Fib for some people in the hospital. Vitamin C for arrhythmia and other heart conditions are associated with oxidant stress and inflammation. Antioxidants like vitamin C and E appear to be effective in reducing these. Exercise will lower your blood pressure and de-stress you.

Cardiologists suggest avoiding these foods

  • Bacon, sausage and other processed meats.
    Processed food and cancer
    Processed food and cancer


  • Potato chips, anything processed.
  • Too much protein,
  • red meats
  • Fast food, we all know it isn’t full of nutrition.
  • Energy drinks, races the heart.
  • Added salt
  • Coconut oil, some coconut waters OK.

I have to interject for a minute, I’ve found that a lot of these foods are what we grew up on. I was born in 1958 and it was usually oatmeal and toast with butter, occasionally bacon and eggs. I have A-Fib and a pacemaker, so I know how hard it is to change your lifestyle and my heart goes out to all of you that have this disease. It isn’t easy, but I’m telling you, it’s a game changer if you want to continue to survive with A-Fib.

The biggest worry I have is having a stroke. I try to stay with a healthy diet and get exercise every day. I’ve been practicing yoga and it really makes a difference, not only for my health but also my stress level has decreased. Find your triggers, and find a way to cope with it, I’m giving you some options, a bit of hope and learning what not to do is as important as learning what to do.


Sleep tips

utra processed foods
Utra Processed Foods


Sleep is very important for a-fibbers, you don’t want to get deprived because it will affect your heart and could trigger   an episode. Do you ever wonder which side you should be sleeping on if you have a pacemaker or A-Fib?

It is recommended specifically to sleep on the left side. This is the best position for blood flow and breathing while   sleeping. Calming herbal tea is good with natural honey in the evening before you go to sleep. If you are into yoga, you might practice after dinner, it’ll help you relax and destress. See “Yoga Alliance for Benefits of Yoga


 Relaxing is a must, take a vacation or spa day

The best advice I can give you is, take a vacation to destress. Go somewhere isolated. Maybe a fishing trip on the river with a cabin. I realize that covid has had us in lock down for a couple of years now and along comes the third variant, Omicron. Being a senior citizen and having A-fib and a pacemaker puts me at higher risk, so I don’t go anywhere. That vacation sounds really good right about now.

Thank you all for stopping in to read my article, I hope you took something away that you can apply in your own life, if you suspect you have A-Fib seek a physician immediately and always discuss any changes you make with your doctor beforehand.

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If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

Wish you all the Best, Sherry

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