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    Adho Mukha Svanasana Poses Meaning of Adho Mukha Svanasana Pose Adho Mukha Svanasana Pose is a foundational yoga asana that requires flexibility and upper body strength. In this asana, the body forms an inverted “V” with the feet and hands pressing into the ground and the hips pushing to the sky. As well as a…
  • Easy Steps, Meditation for Beginners
    Preparing You for Meditation Basic Yoga Sequences for Beginners This is going to be a bit different than you’re probably use to because even though I am not a yoga instructor (I practice and research yoga poses, their effects on health and what the benefits are), I’d like to introduce a different strategy to help…
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    Protein Shakes for Muscle Gain Who doesn’t want to strengthen their muscle tone? These protein shakes can make you lose weight, burn fat, and enhance your metabolism. They’re packed with vitamins, fiber and high levels of antioxidants providing the best protection for your healthand called “Shake Please“. Whey Protein is a complete, high-quality protein containing…
  • Finding The Style of Yoga That Fits Your Needs
    Connecting Yoga with Your individual Needs Finding the yoga practice that works for you can make the difference on how you perceive yoga if you’re new to it. If you listen to your inner-self and observe the class, you’ll know if you feel safe and supported. Try different classes with different instructors and styles until…
  • How to reverse heart disease naturally with homeopathic foods
      November 25, 2021, by Sherry   What are Natural Homeopathic medicines? (Always discuss any changes with your doctor first) Homeopathic foods can be found in fresh fruits, vegetables and foods high in protein   The doses of Natural Homeopathic medicines are prepared in a standardized, well-controlled, safe and hygienic environment. Homeopathic medicines are palatable and easy…

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