New technologies are aimed at overcoming these limitations. Balloon-based ablation systems and multielectrode ablation catheters attempt to minimize the time to perform the pulmonary vein isolation portion of the procedure, whereas remote ablation technologies attempt to obliviate the need for manual dexterity and to automate the ablation procedure. (2009)

February 14, 2022 Remapping atrial fibrillation treatment by University of California – San Diego vMap is a non-invasive arrhythmia-mapping system designed to identify arrhythmia hotspots anywhere in the heart in minutes using only a 12-lead electrocardiogram. Medical. Credit: Vektor Medical.

I am constantly researching atrial fibrillation and usually finding new advances in ablation procedures and the most up to date pacemakers. Also the left appendage of the heart (where blood typically pools and causes blod clots), has been getting a lot of attention and new ways to get off off blood thinner by closing the appendage.

This is the kind of research I love doing so that when I pass it on to you and my heart support group, it may help someone that isn’t knowledgable about options for them.

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Welcome to my website!

Hi, I’m Sherry and I’d like to familiarize you with how I got here. First a little bit of insight on who I am and what motivates me.

I was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation, it’s a growing condition or disease that comes with an irregular heartbeat. I experienced symptoms of A-Fib for a long time before being diagnosed therefore mine was severe before I got help. Long story short I ended up with a pacemaker at age 59 years of age.

Since I got this implant, my life has been more manageable. Now I have a regular heartbeat most of the time and I’ve just been slowly getting stronger and healthier, with good and bad days.

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My motivation was an exercise machine called the #Ad Hydrow Rower , it was love at first sight. I knew I had to have it, so I bought this amazing rower.  I had an old clunky manual cardio workout piece of equipment that this replaced (I love my Rower because it’s amazing and so easy to use. It is really good for cardio exercises, thus is my motivation). Have you ever seen something you really shouldn’t buy, but can’t walk away? I knew it’d fit right in with yoga class, so I purchased it with no regrets.

I started gentle yoga classes with a close girlfriend (she had a heart attack at age 55 a week prior to us starting.) and I thought it would be good for both of us to get heart healthy and find a natural stress reliever.
We both really like it, and it gives
us a chance to catch up on life things, our kids, grand kids and work-related topics.

By the third class I began to feel better, I didn’t feel my body burn as much during stretches. It is mentally satisfying, and I’ve now been doing yoga at home since covid hit. I am still finding muscles I didn’t know existed. Yoga is so diverse.

When I say diverse, I mean that anyone, at any age, male or female can do this. What attracted me the most was that it works your core. If you have a strong core, the rest of the body follows.

Eventually you’ll conquer your goal to lose weight or just toning up the muscles (that’s my goal). The mental awareness of being in the now is what I needed most. I carry my stress in my shoulders as do most people. This will soon go away when you know how to release your tensions. I started thinking of my age and my heart condition, and how many people are affected by A-Fib, So I joined the yogi’s.

The studies on A-Fib show that the numbers are going to double to 12.6 million in 2030. In my research I found that controlling A-Fib with exercise and diet helps you cope better, thus my enthusiasm for gentle yoga.
I’ve done extensive research into A-Fib, I’m not done with that yet as there is so much more information coming out all of the time.

I’ve started researching yoga and the benefits of it for everyone. I’m most interested in the elderly communities that need exercise, they may think it’s the old back in the day kind, (That’s what I thought every time my doctors stressed over and over the importance of exercise for the heart). There is a gentle yoga for beginners or people that have a condition, or had surgery and need to rehabilitate, there’s something for everyone. Yoga is good for any age and it’s becoming a big thing, more and more people are joining every year. Doctors are prescribing yoga to their patients now.

When your older it’s harder to get motivated but it’s certainly important to keep fit and eat right in our later years. Your health can go downhill quite fast when you have illnesses, as I’ve experienced. I want to help the elderly find other ways of exercising over traditional exercise. I don’t know if you remember tucking your toes under the couch to do sit ups. I wouldn’t think of doing it now a days, putting all of that stress on your back, neck and shoulders, just my opinion.

Gentle yoga is a perfect way for someone that’s healing from surgery and need to get their strength back. My doctor told me that if I continued to lay around (I did that for 3 years due to my heart being out of rhythm most of the time) it could affect my heart rhythm and higher my risk of stroke. I got busy!

I retired and got away from the high stress job and started to get back into life. I can walk for longer periods, I go into grocery stores more than I did, I drive more often, and I look forward to each day that is ahead of me. Of course, exercising regularly is vital to one’s health. My goal is, I want to inspire the elderly people by being an example of good health, mind, body and soul through yoga and meditation. I want to share good information like this and help people get on the right path to reach their goals as well. Practicing self-care with gentle nourishing yoga, and meditation. Experiment with it, there’s too many different types of yoga to mention. You may find that you like it, a lot of people get addicted to it right away. Check it out!

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All the best, thank you for stopping by! Sherry



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