Yoga Gear & Accessories Rack



A great place to store all of your yoga accessories all in one place. Yoga mat, Storage Racks, Home Gym Storage for Dumbells, Kettlebells, Foam Strap and Resistance Bands. The storage rack is on wheels for easy placement in a small area, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips.

The workout storage organizer that allows you to store your yoga gear. Yoga mat rack is make with high quality coated finish steel and made sturdy  and durable. Suitable for anything you want to use it for, a bathroom caddy, garage, recreation room or even placing it in a closet to make more room in yur home.

The storage rack is equipped with 3 layers of metal mesh, a side basket, 3 sectional iron holder and several hooks for hanging for which you can store your various yoga gear.

Yoga gear and storage rack for organizing all of your equipment all in one place. This is a great space saver

The dimensions of the organizer are 40.4″ (L) X 15.7″ (W) X 34.3″ (H). Easy to construct and comes with instructions.


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