Men’s Zip Jogger Pants, Workout or Gym Pants



Brokig Men’s Zip Jogger Pants are Casual Gym Workout  or Track Pants

Brokig Men’s Jogger Pants are comfortable with a slim fit and tapered with pockets.

Made from 65% Cotton and 35% Polyester. They have a drawstring closure elastic waistline that’s  adjustable for your comfort level. These slim tapered joggers have ankle zippers and a 3″ seamed waistbans.

Gym or jogger pants have 2 pockets and one in back.  Medium weight workout pants leave you with easy mobility with comfort in each stretch or squat.

These Gym, Jogger, workout, yoga pants are street saavy and pants you could go out and grab a bite for lunch in.

Fabric: 65% Cotton,35%Polyester

Color: Black, Dark Grey, Heather Grey,Navy ,Camo Grey,Red,Light Blue,Beige

Sizes Guide:

Size: S M L XL XXL

LENGTH -S:37.4″ M:38.22″ L :39″ XL:39.78″ XXL:40.56″

Waist:–S:26-30″ M:28-32″ L :31-35″ XL:34-37″ XXL:36-41″

Foot:–S:11″ M:11″4 L :11″6 XL:11″8 XXL:12″

Weight:–S:100-120lbs M:120-145lbs L :145-165lbs XL:165-185lbs XXL:185-200lbs

By Brokig

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