Sunland Workout Headbands


Sunland 3 Pack Workout Headbands for men


Sunland Workout Headbands

Headband for men, 3 pack sweat bands for all sports. Running, basketball, soccer, and even around the house asĀ  we are hitting some very hot temperatures in the forecast.

These headbands are high quality, one size fits all, for all head shapes and sizes. They are made with special absorbant material that absorb sweat keeping your head cool and dryer.

Made to last and dries fast, don’t get stuck with soggy sweatbands and keep your hair in place during workouts and sports. Stretches well, the headbands are sewn with an elastic band into the back and allows you to put the headband on without needing to tie any knots.

These headbands come in black ,freen and blue camo if you don’t want to be flashy and attract attention, although the prints are appealing to the eyes.


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