Art-Giftree Decorative Yoga Mat Holder


ART-GIFTREE Decorative Yoga Mat Holder Wall Mount for Storage


Art-Giftree Decorative Yoga Mat Holder

This yoga mat storage holder has 2 racks with a wood floating shelf . The yoga symbol accent icon adds just the right touch of class for your mats holder.

It let’s everyone know you’re serious about your health and your yoga practice and it’s tastefully done.

You can hang it anywhere, it will look nice in your Zen Den and fit right in with your decor.

You can save floor space and if you’re anything like I am, you’re always looking behind the seats of your vehicle to make sure it’s still there.

The yoga mat holder offers you a decorative way to display your yoga accessories. Add your favorite trinkets on the top shelf or yoga books, the ideas are endless.


The wood is professionally planed, sanded and carefully stained for a beautiful addition to your yoga space.

Reinforced metal brackets and high quality pine wood, the yoga mat storage rack has a solid and safe structure and can be easily fixed to the wall.

Each rack comes with the hardware and instructions needed for installation with pre drilled holes for your convenience.

Each rack comes with clear instructions for quick and easy installation including all hardware needed to assemble. Allthe holes are predrilled for your convenience so it can be easily mounted in less time.


If you’re one with an imagination, it could be multipurpose used for other things such as a towel rack in the lavatory by adding a couple of small shelves.

It’s an attractive piece and would go with any decor. The design of the logo Breathe, could be a daily reminder to do just that.

If you’re a beginner yogi, you might be interested in how to get started and which direction you’d like to take, here’s an article within this post.

If you’re looking to browse around, go here for more and happy holidays to you.


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